Monday, January 11, 2010

Here is another picture of Kevin with his companion, Elder Cordova. Odds are that they will only be companions for another week.

Kevin's report for the week indicates that he is in a growth period (i.e. a time when the work isn't going so great). For me, the greatest growth came when things weren't going well and I started examining myself to see what I could do better. That is where Kevin is now. He remains optimistic, however, and will go forward with faith.

BTW - Elder Cordova is from Guatemala. Wikianswers states that the average height for a male in Guatemala is 5'2". Maybe the picture of Helaman on the horse with the stripling warriors isn't far off.

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  1. Your starting to sound like a real blogger with your witty comments. Good work. Pretty soon you're going to have to get a jazzy background too. -Melanie