Monday, March 22, 2010

After a little break, I am back. I apologize for the disappointment I caused you to suffer by going a few weeks without a post.

Here we have Kevin with his two "sons." I guess this is what they call green missionaries that they train. Elder Mejia is on your left. He was Kevin's first trainee. Elder Matamoros is on your right. He is Kevin's current companion. I think Elder Matamoros is from Guatemala.

You might have noticed that Elder Mejia has a bandage on his forehead. It seems his current companion is a budding scientist. He was able to turn a can of hot chocolate into a missile. The missile's guidance system was accurate enough to strike its intended target.

Please note that Kevin broke precedent by wearing a more subdued tie for this picture.

Here we have Kevin with Marvin and Elder Matamoros. Marvin was baptized on Sunday, March 14.

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  1. Ned, you seriously are quite funny. Love the positive twist on the "hot chocolate missile". Kevin looks great!