Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So, the intent of this week's pictures seems to be to document how much more effective the stake president in Kevin's area is at binding with missionaries than I am.

They started their fun day with the stake president at a bowling alley. Kevin reports not liking bowling so much because he isn't very good at it. We are proud of him for always finding the positive. He pointed out that at least he didn't score the lowest.

Here Kevin's companion seeks to outdo the Greek god Atlas by not holding up the earth but, rather, the galaxy.

The furniture and lighting in the background suggest that this work of lighted art is found in the bowling alley. Kevin didn't give us any background information on this so I wonder if it doesn't symbolize the hope we all have at times that a flying ship will take us home from the Neverland in which we are stuck.

Here we are in the Chinese restaurant to which the stake president took the missionaries. Based on the quality of the furniture and light fixtures, I would guess that Chinese food and the establishments that serve it enjoy more prestige in El Salvador than in the U.S. We have Americanized Chinese food. I wonder if theirs is Salvadorized.

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