Saturday, July 17, 2010

As promised in my last posting, I will provide a little information on the area to which Kevin was transferred. He is in Atiquizaya, another municipality of the Ahuachapán department. El Arco, one of Kevin's former areas, is in this same department, I think. Atiquizaya covers an area of 66.64 square km and as of 2006 had a population of 9,476.

Evidently, there was a ward or Relief Society activity in Kevin's former area shortly before he left. (All of his recent photos were taken before he left his last area.)

Here we have a sister dressed as a cowgirl who is administering the justice of the wild west. Kevin and his companion are begging for mercy.

This group of RS sisters, dressed as clowns, put on a skit that Kevin found to be very funny - particularly since the participants are all grandmas.

Before leaving his last area, Kevin had another baptism. This young man's name is David. I don't think Kevin mentioned an age.

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