Thursday, October 21, 2010

This week's photos seem to have as their purpose to remind us that Kevin is serving on an island in the Caribbean. I can't tell if he is trying to rub his Midwestern family's nose in that fact as they head into winter.

Here we have a sunset observed over the water as they were on the boat ride from the mainland back to their island.

This picture shows Kevin patiently waiting for the boat at the Port of Belize. It appears that his no longer having access to papusas has caused him to lose some weight. Maybe we need to send him more Starbursts.

Finally, we have another picture of the Port of Belize. I wonder what they are growing in that greenhouse.

Kevin is excited that they will participate in a multi-zone conference this weekend which will be presided over by Elder Martino. He laments that, with all the meetings, they will not spend much time on the island this week. Therefore, they are left to pray for their investigators with whom they will not be able to visit.

He and his companion teach seminary and institute as part of their service. Maybe a CES career is in his future.

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