Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have heard it said that the best blogs have many pictures and few words. I can't promise few words for this posting but I can promise many pictures. (I know. I know. My words are your favorite part. Don't worry. I won't cheat you out of those.)

First we start with a picture of Kevin's district. He actually took this before but forgot to send it. Can you tell which one is his companion?

Now we get to the pictures that are actually nostalgic, at some level, for Mary and me. They are nostalgic because we visited the Mayan temple complex(Lamanai) Kevin's zone visited when my dad took us on a Book of Mormon cruise a year ago January.

On the way to the temple complex, they came across a Mennonite village. We saw one from the river boat on our way to the ruins but didn't stop to take pictures like Kevin did. I don't know if Mennonites have the same aversion to having their picture taken that the Amish do.

This one seems like it could be Flying Nun auditions.

I think the pneumatic tires are a nice addition. They might catch on around here.

I am guessing that the zone visited some sort of visitors center on their way to or at the complex. Here we see Kevin and companion imagining themselves proselyting amongst the ancient Lamanites and enjoying some of their food.

It looks like his eating habits may not have changed since he left home.

Me Kevin. You jealous.

I remember this view well. It is from the top of the tallest temple.

I'm not sure what this is supposed to be but it sure is.

I won't comment on the next five pictures. Rather, I will just allow you to enjoy the wonder of this ancient Mayan temple complex.

My guess is that Kevin had the following picture taken because the stone face looks just like him when he is asleep.

By way of the following picture, we will introduce you to Kevin's new companion, Elder Pineda. He is also from El Salvador. We will also introduce you to Kevin's new shoes that we sent to him some time ago, just before he went to Belize. The mission president brought them to Belize shortly before the hurricane.

It is more of a "sacrifice" to serve with some companions than others. I hope this little incident won't "altar" their relationship long term.

The above picture shows Kevin climbing up the tallest temple. They are nice enough to provide a rope to help you climb. When we were there, I ended up in an unannounced race to the top with another man in our tour group. I beat him to the landing where the rope ended and was celebrating my victory while he went on to the top.

If you look real close, you will see a monkey in the tree. These are screaming monkeys, not to be confused with a 60s era British rock band.

Here is a good view of the tallest temple. And here is the end of this week's post.


  1. Your humor this post seemed a little ancient

  2. Your puns really made this post, not the cool pictures.