Monday, May 10, 2010

Carlos was baptized on Sunday, May 9. That provided a highlight to the mini-missionary who spent the weekend with Kevin and his companion. I believe he is the one on your left.

Serving in foreign countries can bring many blessings, not the least of which is perspective. Here is an excerpt from Kevin's last letter. (He has to write in a hurry so please don't judge the long sentence which contains the word "and" five times.)

"[Thursday] night we were eating with a family and it started pouring rain and the family lives in a house with dirt floors and the rain water just flows into the house and covers the floor and they told me that this always happens. It helped me realize how blessed we are and how much we freak out over a little leak in the ceiling when their houses here flood every time it rains."

It certainly is noteworthy that this family's house has dirt floors and floods when it rains. It is also noteworthy that, in spite of this, they reach out and serve missionaries by feeding them.

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