Monday, May 17, 2010

Kevin didn't send any pictures so I thought I would use a picture of the Guatemala City Temple. In his letter this week, Kevin made the following comment.

"The recent convert whose parents want to kick him out of the house went to Guatemala this weekend to do baptisms for the dead which was really exciting. Hopefully this experience will help strengthen him and help him stay strong in the church."

We have learned that new members getting to the temple is strongly correlated with their being able to continue in the Gospel.

Kevin was able to witness a miracle this past week. Here is another excerpt from his letter.

"We [visited] a lady that we are teaching that lives only with her son that is five years old. Last week she told us how the doctors were saying that he has heart problems and that she would have to take him to the hospital to be tested some more. She was really worried and crying and we explained to her about the priesthood and how we have the priesthood to give a blessing. We then told her that if she had faith and that if she wanted we could give her boy a blessing. She said yes and we gave him a blessing. When I passed by Sunday she told me that when she took him to the doctors that weekend that two doctors examined him and they couldn't find anything wrong with him. I am grateful for the power of the priesthood and I hope this helped her gain a testimony as well. "

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