Thursday, July 29, 2010

This week's picture finds Kevin in a pose similar to some in the past - painting. I guess his district helped paint the house of a recent convert. I note with interest the hammer right behind his head and a very troubled look on his face. I'm wondering if he just got nailed.

Here is Kevin's response to my questions regarding Enrique, the beggar who was featured in my last post.

"So I thought I would explain to you about the crazy homeless guy before I forgot. So basically for years this guy has been going to church and goes to basically every meeting and every activity... Yesterday I received proof that we are BFF´s because when me and my companion where sitting outside of the church waiting for a member Enrique came by and gave me a hand full of rocks that he found in the street saying that they had pretty colors and that I should shine them with soap and water. The majority of the rocks were like the ones you find in front of our house but I did keep one as a souvenir that was like a rock that got struck by lightning. Oh the story I heard about Enrique is that before he was a huge alcoholic and that one night he was outside his house and slipped on a mango and hit his head and wasn't the same after, but who knows."

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  1. Half done? Crazy! I wish I had known about this awesome updating before now. Great job!