Monday, August 16, 2010

After a notable photo famine, this week we have a photo feast.

A week ago, Kevin's zone went to Tazumal for P-Day. I knew you would want to know something about the place so I have taken another excerpt from Wikipedia.

"Tazumal is a Pre-Columbian Maya archeological site in Chalchuapa, El Salvador. Tazumal means, "the place where the victims were burned," in K'iche'. The site is located in the heart of Chalchuapa in the department of Santa Ana, some 60 kilometers from the capital, San Salvador."

The first picture is of Kevin's zone. I think President Kimball's prophecy is being fulfilled in that I only see five Norte Americanos in the picture.

Even though Kevin is quite busy, he found time to pose for a sculpture. An incredible likeness, don't you think? I'm sure the missing hand will be added later.

As we all know, Nephi encouraged us to liken the scriptures unto ourselves. My guess is that Kevin and his companion had recently been reading from the Book of Abraham.

We will move to a more spiritual note. Virgilio, who will turn 18 soon, was baptized on Saturday. He is excited about the gospel and is quite anxious to serve a mission.

We will finish with Kevin's testimony from his last letter.

"I know that Christ lives and that He loves us. I know that this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God."

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