Thursday, October 7, 2010

What could be worse than sharing an apartment with huge rats (literal, not figurative - see last week's entry)?

Being on a beach like this each time you go to the mainland and not being able to get in the water. His description - crystal clear water and white sand beaches.

Here is a bulleted update on his new life in Belize.
  • He prefers the Salvadorean food to that of Belize because all they eat in Belize is fried chicken with either fried rice or french fries.
  • Turns out he is having to learn another language (Creole English) and that isn't going as great as he would like.
  • As far as his new apartment - "We live on the second floor and it is kind of small but it has air conditioning, a washing machine, and hot shower water so I'm not complaining. We also have access to the patio that is on the third floor and it it cool to go up there because you can look out over all of the island."
  • He is riding a worn out bike and the compact-sand roads develop pot holes. That combination often results in substantial discomfort in his hind parts.
  • Turns out, our concerns about him losing his Spanish were premature. About half their teaching is in Spanish and both languages are used in their Church meetings.

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