Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We have some exciting news this week and will start with the most practical. It is that we are excited that Kevin has been transferred and, therefore, is no longer living in the apartment where these two rats were killed.

Evidently, the apartment motto was "live and let live" until these rats got into the bread of an elder who particularly enjoys eating.

The next part of the exciting news is that Kevin has been transferred to Belize and will reportedly spend the rest of his mission there. At a training meeting where Kevin was playing the piano, his mission president came up, shook his hand, and asked him how many times he had trained. When he replied "tres", the president told him it was his last one because he was going to Belize.

His first area is San Pedro Island (shown in the upper right section of the following map.)

Here we have a picture of Kevin with the two elders who were transferred to Belize with him. You will note that they are sitting in an airport. Kevin was given short notice on Sunday to pack his bags to be ready to leave yesterday morning. This transfer is unique to any he has had or any I had because it includes the following.
  • Airplane ride
  • Different country
  • Different language (English)
  • Different culture
  • Different racial majority (black vs. Mayan)
  • Different monetary system

Kevin may have inherited some of his parents' frugality as he chose to have another missionary (Elder Choc) cut his hair instead of paying to have it done.

You might say that a picture of a haircut is boring, and I wouldn't argue. Please note, however, the message on the t-shirt Kevin is wearing (You betta Belize it). Mary and I bought the shirt for April when we were in Belize in January 2009. After Kevin received his mission call, he inherited it.

This may be the freshest of our pictures for this week since it appears to have been taken while Kevin and his companion were in the facility where they send their weekly emails.

Evidently, when you change countries, you become junior companion again. His new companion is Elder Contreraz. This companion doesn't appear to be dimensionally different than those of the past.

Here is his testimony.

I know that this is the Lord's work and that He lives and loves us. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that this church is led through a modern day prophet.


  1. We met one of Kevin's friends yesterday...we had Elder Pottle and his companion to dinner. They are serving in our ward here in Carlsbad, CA. He was very excited to meet someone that's heard of Champaign, IL :)

  2. I'm excited that mom sent out this link again to this blog. Thanks for keeping these posted, dad. I think you're doing a swell job. Kevin's a good example.