Thursday, January 6, 2011

Since Kevin left El Salvador (the land of papusas), we haven't had much focus on food. This post will change that.

Here we see Kevin sampling the beans and rice prepared for the branch Christmas party.

Any of us who have cleaned up after a church social can appreciate this approach to serving the meal. I'm not sure how many people can belly up to the trough at once but I think it would be fun to watch. A few napkins and plastic spoons would be all that you need.

Below we see Kevin sampling a whipped cream - Snickers dessert prepared by a sister in his district.

You might take note of two things.
1) His face indicates pure joy and is not unlike his expression in the beans and rice picture.
2) He is wearing a sweater. He said something about it being really cold. Hah!

Now, I will report on the major activity of the week - moving the church to a new facility.

If you look real close, you will see that our sign hangs on the outside of an apartment. Next door, the Seventh-day Adventists appear to have their own building. I wonder why we didn't strike a deal with them to use their building on Sundays.

I don't know why they made the move but it may have been to get closer to their baptismal font (i.e. the ocean). I wonder how much they paid a landscaper to add the seaweed mound.

Here we have photos taken in the room in which sacrament meeting will be held. It won't take much to have a full house.

They were obligated to be out of the other location by 12/31, so Thursday evening and part of Friday were dedicated to the move. Although, as is often the case, things didn't start happening until the 11th hour, Kevin indicated that, by the tender mercies of the Lord, they were able to meet the deadline.

The fact that the previous facility was on the third floor created some challenge as they had to lower everything down.

One of the tender mercies was that a non-member who had attended church several times happened by and was able to help them lower things. His being impaired by the excessive consumption of alcohol didn't seem to impair his ability to help. Although he sought compensation for helping, I'm sure he was blessed for his service.

Here is Kevin's testimony. "I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ and that He leads it through a modern day prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God."

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