Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My goal in this post is to strain your eyes. I will do this by including pictures of the missionaries that went out with the president's Christmas message.

Where's Waldo... I mean Kevin?

How many missionaries do you count? (Answer at bottom.)

Can you imagine being responsible for all of them in two different countries with another country in between?

Here is the president's family.

They are a good looking family.

Here we have a picture of Kevin and his companion in their apartment building.

The guy who designed the stairs likes to think outside the box. I'll bet he wanted to elicit stairs (sp?) from passers by.

In their zone meeting, they talked about remaining true after their missions. Here is what Kevin wrote in response. "One of my goals here in the mission is to always be changing and when I get off the mission not go back to the way I was by living the principals that I should be learning in the mission. And not be like the scriptures say, a dog that returns to its vomit."

Answer to question: How should I know how many missionaries you counted?

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  1. I went through my math and checked my answer. I counted the same as you did. And it was a funny post about eliciting stairs...