Friday, January 14, 2011

Prepare for my first picture-less post (as opposed to clue-less posts which are more common).

I received an email from Linda who was baptized in Belize and later moved to northern California. Kevin asked me to contact her because he had been contacted by someone who found her scriptures in an airport. Kevin's contact information was in her scriptures.

I thought you might like to read some excerpts from her email. Here you go.

"I found my new Ward, with the help of my fiance. He looked it up on-line as I am still a baby in the knowing of how to get around within the membership.

"My first meeting was last Sunday. I felt so welcomed. The joy of the spirit was so strong. I feel so special and blessed everyday. My heart and soul has a joy without trying each and everyday. I had to live in Belize to become truly brought to the Lord in the true church. I have your wonderful son to thank for it. Since the other elders were from El Salvador or Guatemala, the social and language barrier was sometimes an issue. I was blessed to have an American gentleman be my teacher and guardian angel through me lessons.

"I am and always will be so proud of my experience and blessed with the presence of your son. He is special and I know and feel through the spirit that he is a chosen one for special deeds in the church. Thank you for everything. My hopes are that we meet someday."


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