Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We start this post with a picture of Kevin standing next to the Belize light house. I guess it is more of a light tower than house.

I was about to draw several analogies from this picture but resisted because I thought you might treat them lightly.

Kevin says they are teaching a man who lives on a sail boat docked close to their home. I guess he is a professor and a deep thinker. His deep thinking caused him to challenge one of Kevin's explanatory examples. That challenge will give Kevin the opportunity to find another example to use.

I guess their recent multi-zone conference focused at least partly on the El Salvador temple under construction.

"Elder Fin is the supervisor for the construction of the El Salvador Temple. He told us a lot of interesting stories about the construction of the temple and how he has seen the hand of the Lord during the construction."

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  1. The picture doesn't do justice to the height of the lighthouse. You should compare it to one of his companions...