Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We briefly return to the food theme with this post.

Kevin says this is a typical lunch. It consists of canned beans, eggs and box bread.

No, I don't know what box bread means.
Yes, I lose my appetite when I look at the picture of the beans. (I was going to comment further but felt it might not be appropriate.)

You will remember my mentioning the lady who came to the church and wanted to be taught.

Here name is Ana and here we see Kevin baptizing her in their very large font that is right out the front door of their chapel.

In this post, we need to say two goodbyes.

First, we will say goodbye to Elder Pineda (pictured above) who has been Kevin's companion. He has completed his mission. Interestingly, his travel home was delayed while he waited for his travel companion to get over the chicken pox.

Our second goodbye is offered to San Pedro Island.

Although I'm sure Kevin will visit the island, he will no longer live there. He has been transferred to Belize City to serve as a zone leader.

You remember the picture of Kevin's district from my last post? All three areas of the district were whitewashed (i.e. both companions are leaving the area) this transfer. After writing his letter, Kevin was on his way back to the island to help train his replacement.

Here are some interesting points relative to his new assignment.
  • He is now a zone leader having never been a district leader - that makes him nervous.
  • He will need to drive a car with manual transmission - that makes him nervous.
  • He has seen some leaders confirm the warning given in D&C 121:39 and he doesn't want to succumb to that.

Here is Kevin with his new companion, Elder Choc. I haven't yet heard where he is from but he seems taller than most.

Kevin concluded his letter saying the following. "It will be an interesting experience but I just hope that I can give an offering that is acceptable to God." I like how he thinks.

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  1. Well we don't have to worry about him getting enough protein.