Wednesday, March 9, 2011

As you look at this picture, you might assume Kevin has developed a taste for exotic pets. I'm sure an iguana in his apartment at school would bring some notoriety and interesting conversations.

As it turns out, however, this lizard will not satisfy someone's taste for exotic pets but, rather, their taste for meat. That thought just saved me some money as I have lost my appetite and will wait to get home after 9:30 to eat.

So, as zone leader, Kevin needs to learn to drive the van that has a stick shift. One of the senior missionaries came by a couple of times to give Kevin some lessons.

He reported not being able to go 50 feet without killing the van twice on his first outing. There were some other car-dying incidents, including some in heavy traffic, before the first driving lesson was over. The brother acknowledged to Kevin's companion that he had him worried. The second training session went better and Kevin acknowledged the power of prayer. I suspect that most of the praying was done by the trainer. I hope the color is back in his knuckles.

Here is Kevin's testimony.

"I know that God lives and loves us. I know that Jesus Christ is the son of God and is our Savior. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration. I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ and that it is lead by a modern-day prophet."

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