Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We will start with the best news of the week. Berris and his nephew, Estephan, were baptized on Sunday.

This baptism snuck up on me so I don't know anything about these two brethren. Kevin mentioned being pleased because all of the priesthood leaders attended the baptismal service.

Now we will move to the worst news of the week. After the two-zone conference, Kevin and his companion were on the way to their apartment when they realized they didn't have the key.

When they arrived, they learned that they didn't need the key because someone had kicked the door in. Kevin's companion must have had better stuff than Kevin because he lost an Ipod, Ipod speakers, and boots while Kevin lost nothing. I guess some mission money was taken as well.

Elder Farabella, an Area Seventy, did a mission tour. The following picture was taken after the meeting with the two zones in Belize.

Kevin mentioned enjoying Elder Farabella's instruction on seeing mission rules as a blessing since they allow missionaries opportunities to grow in the righteous use of their agency. He also spoke about good habits that should continue after one's mission.

The good news from the conference is that they had the key to the basement of the distribution center so they slept on foam pads instead of the floor.

BTW - the toe surgery reported earlier was not successful so Kevin resorted to using a real doctor.

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