Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our first entry this week comes from our "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" department.

Because I drive a lot, I will often entertain myself by anticipating and noticing "odometer events." It seems Kevin has a bit of that in him too.

On Friday, Elder Pattee was giving Kevin another opportunity to enhance his driving skills. At some point during the drive, the odometer turned over to 100,000 kilometers.

Here is the "before" picture.

Here is the "after" picture.

I guess this odometer event is particularly noteworthy because it suggests they should be getting a new van soon. Kevin expressed a desire that the new van be nicer than this one.

The next entry comes from our "humiliation as a source of humility" department.

It seems Kevin and his companion were obligated to purchase new bicycle helmets. As you can tell from Kevin's face in the picture below, he finds his new helmet to be about as exciting as a dinner of Iguana meat.

He indicated that the new helmets elicited uncomplimentary comments from the locals. Here is a sampling of those comments.

"Why didn't they buy you knee pads and elbow pads too?" "I would never wear that in public. It looks ridiculous"

Kevin's favorite was, "You look like a transformer."

He acknowledges that, "It is true. If you pull down the visor in front and look through the holes you look like the transformer bumblebee." I can't tell but he may actually enjoy looking like a transformer.

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  1. I think they needed that helmet to draw away the attention from his (and his companion's) tie.